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Unlike other spaces, once designed, the bathroom will no longer have the opportunity to make big moves, so in addition to the quality of bathroom products, the sense of design is essential. As housing prices continue to rise, more and more people choose second-hand houses with superior geographical location and moderate prices. However, the old house means that the old design, especially the houses built in the 1980s and 1990s, generally has the phenomenon of narrow space and unreasonable function arrangement in the bathroom. So, how can we decorate a comfortable and convenient "big bathroom"

strengthen daylighting

clever use of light can well change the sense of space. Bright lighting can make people feel the improvement of space, while dim light will make people feel narrow and uncomfortable. The lighting of second-hand houses is usually not very good, so to create a sense of space, we must first start with lighting

use frosted glass, painted glass, single-sided glass and other glass materials to make partitions and sliding doors between the bathroom and other indoor spaces. This can not only save space, but also improve the lighting of the bathroom, killing two birds with one stone

reasonable layout

good layout can increase the utilization rate of space, which is more important for the narrow second-hand room bathroom. As far as the 4 square meter bathroom is concerned, the key is to reasonably arrange the washbasin, toilet and shower. Among them, the most ideal layout is that the washing table faces the toilet door, and the toilet is close to its side, and the shower room is set at the innermost end. This is the most scientific in terms of use, function and aesthetics. If you choose the layout of dry and wet zones, you must separate the washbasin, toilet and channel from the bathing area, and try to reasonably arrange the location of washbasin and toilet on the premise of ensuring the channel

make good use of corners

reasonable planning of corner space can not only give full play to its maximum utilization value, but also improve the artistry of the whole home environment. The corner of the wall is the most difficult place for people to walk through, that is, it is the most suitable place for arranging some functional areas, such as basins, toilets, and lockers. Making good use of the corner can increase the sense of space in the bathroom and make it look brighter. You can put the usually flat washbasin and toilet on the diagonal position of the bathroom, and the middle space is used for shower





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