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Suddenly, as the cold wind came overnight, thousands of families "still" silver, winter came in a hurry, without any preparation for people to be caught off guard

the cold in winter makes people want to curl up in a warm home with about three or five friends and twoorthree confidants, sit around the stove, drink a cup of hot tea and gossip

■ exquisite and elegant living room

the warm home tone makes the living room an elegant and noble leisure living space, forming a lifestyle with humanistic connotation and personality. It shows the delicate and elegant style of the host. He expresses a longing for life and rewards himself for living seriously

it is suitable to wander in this comfortable and quiet space in the cold winter. A lamp, a cup of tea, a book, a spiritual baptism touching the soul, let yourself grow better

■ brilliant restaurant

home is the place where life begins. People are on their way home all their lives

the happiest time of the day is when a family sits at the table and enjoys a wonderful time. When you drag your tired body and mind home, the lights at home are reserved for you. You can smell delicious meals before you open the door. The thick warmth instills into the whole body and mind. The fatigue of the day is swept away with this warm current. The steaming meals and waiting for your lover have been waiting at home for a long time

under the same roof, light a fire, cook, use food to unite the family and comfort the family. The ordinary pots and pans are full of happiness. The family has grown up, fallen in love, separated and reunited. Home style delicacy is also the flavor of life

■ comfortable bedroom

home is the harbor of the soul. When the tired body and mind go home, it is a state of relaxation and freedom

everyone hopes to have a quiet and comfortable rest space. When you open the door and lie in a quiet space, your mood is beautiful. Shangpin natural color wooden door + wallboard can meet such requirements, close the door, calm down and enjoy a good rest

after a hard day, when you get home, close the door, shut the noise in the downtown outside, enjoy your dreams, give your body better relaxation, and be full of vitality every day

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■ suitable style: American style, European style, new Chinese style

■ cultural implication: see the true chapter for details

■ reason for recommendation: won the "influential brand in the 2018 list of products that affect China's home lifestyle", with European style, release classical calmness, novel and simple shape, outline the artistic form of wooden doors, style atmosphere and quiet, and convey the elegant taste of wooden doors

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